Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now and Forever

I might not be that warm, but I'm bright enough to see We must share what little light we try to keep when times seem darkest. Don't stare at me long, but don't fear holding me close forever- I may blind, but I won't burn you. Let's grow and shine together- let go of mistrusts past, forgive and heal, hold me with faith now and forever as We sail in cycles around the Universal sea of reality. We're learning and loving Ourselves all, now and forever, as surely as we breathe. Our concentrated, controlled breath is pure love, attuning mind to heart, bodies simple vessels of pure Being. We're still, still breathing together, now and forever- that Our heartbeat may keep that precious rhythm in time, harmonizing mind's elusive melodies as perfect ornaments to Our deepest Universal notion- We love Us.

-Dedicated to the love of my life, Laura Chiles