Friday, June 25, 2010


Whether working towards Our highest aspirations, enjoying Our selves or suffering, We certainly always live for moments. They are so difficult to escape that We often forget their intrinsic connections through time. Losing Our self in the moment, We forget that others are doing the same. Sometimes We disturb others' moments with Our own, good or bad, often without even realizing it. Our connection to each other is just as imminent. But We forget this too. We try to distinguish Our selves from others, when really We are One.

This weekend, at Sonic Bloom Festival at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Our goal is to forget Our self to collectively lose each other in the moment. And when all is 'said and done,' We will inevitably rediscover Our self and find others again. It is a phenomenon of social and spiritual transformation that I personally wouldn't miss for the World. And so I tried walking here from home in Texas. I walked over 300 miles in 10 days, made lots of new friends along the way, and reconnected with great friends here in Boulder. As We prepare to embark on yet another adventure, I must emphasize the need for collective unity at such a spectacular event. We must trust that despite Our differences, We are in a collective agreement as a community of light and love to be a shining example of what We wish to see in this World. If I've learned anything in this mad adventure, it's that We never can do anything alone.

So, if you care to benefit something larger than Us and the amazing experiences We will no doubt manifest together, I hope you'll find me to contribute to Our collective donation supporting global human rights through Amnesty International. We have already amassed a significant $300, but it's certainly no small task. Contributions will be collected through July 14th to ensure this is as big as possible! I will submit Our donation on July 15th to represent Our loving community in a charitable way to the World. We must only hope that others are listening.

Regardless of what shenanigans or mischief We may partake in, We must ultimately forget Our own satisfaction so that others might also revel in Our glory together with Us. We are not special, but We can make a difference. This We must never surrender.

Thank all of you beautiful people for constantly inspiring and promoting Our living dream. We are phenomenal when We realize it together. Bless Us.

Peace & Love;
We live as We dream--together.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The Universe, subtly beautiful, never fails to keep us guessing. The more We think we know about It, the more complicated it becomes. The divisions We create to understand Its endless complexity inherently negate any unification We might seek. In order to learn, We must divide, and in order to excel, We must specialize. It would be an improbable feat to understand It All, but We sure do try, and, like everything else, It is both beautiful and dangerous. If there's anything that is certain, It's that beauty and danger are two sides to any coin. We can twist anything up into all degrees of awesome madness, both glorious and despicable. The choice is All Ours.

These past couple of weeks have been the closest thing to a personal rite of passage that I have ever experienced. It exceeded my wildest expectations, confused me, amazed and awed me, gave me renewed faith and hope in humanity and will make for some amazing stories if I have the courage to tell them. I hope you'll have the same to ask me about them. For now, all I know is that I met some amazing people who I'll likely never meet again. Though I hope from the depths of my heart that these kind souls will cross my path again, I suspect that this isn't likely. For this, I'm deeply remorseful, but I do appreciate with all of my heart the experience of knowing each and every one of Us. We are the reason I ultimately walked, and I certainly learned a lot about myself that I'm still processing as I explore this reality each and every day. I learned that happiness is found in simplicity; there's no golden ticket or secret formula, but deep down in Our heart, We know It. Regardless of the divisions We constantly manifest to progress, Our heart reminds Us that everything is pulse. Like the seasons, moods, karma, and Our own hearts, the Universe operates in cycles. Perceived progress is merely secondary to the fundamental nature of this evolving Cosmos. No matter how large We make the divisions, they are mere illusion relative to these fundamental pulses and cycles, of offs and ons, in infinite degrees, dimensions and delusions. If We are to understand It, We must become It, which is a simple matter of attitude. We are capable of everything because We are everything, if only We can feel It in Our heart.

And so Our small step, my walking at least nearly 100,000 steps for most of 13 days in June from Texas to Colorado, is a collective donation, currently, of over $300 to Amnesty International to support global human rights. I feel this is appropriate if We wish to truly bring All into the fold. In order to achieve Universal United liberation, We must first be Universally United. We must always begin with what We think we know, for It is All that We have. Once We reasonably reach the inevitable end of that rope, We can then attempt to discern the Truth. Without All of the information, though, this is a fruitless, even destructive endeavor. Power concentrates in pockets, and division continues. Therefore, global human rights is a seemingly noble cause. For when We All get the chance to learn, though differing in divisions and specialization, We learn, most of all, Our natural inseparability, to some degree or another. All It takes from there is the eradication of the illusion of separability and negativity. Inseparability implies a realness to reality, while fundamentally, All is illusory. All is simple play, in every direction, every where, when, what, who, how and why. It is inescapably beautiful and dangerous, like God, Brahman, Allah, the Cosmos and You.

If You support global human rights, that We may All, someday, everyday, live in the bliss of Our dreams, desires and desperations, through understanding, compassion and love for each other like We are One, United, Universal self-aware knowing consciousness, together, forever, there's still time to add to Our collective donation. Until July 14th, We will accept contributions to add to the over $300 We have already! It is ALL going to Amnesty International, so tell your friends, spread the dream, and let's make this as big as possible together!

Thank you all for the generous support and encouragement throughout this whole endeavor. My feet are blistered, my body weak, and social skills malpracticed, but connections stronger than ever. My renewed sense of hope and purpose will not waiver in the near future, and I invite any and all reasonable requests from All. Apart from wrapping all this up, living in Boulder, CO for the summer, I am simply awaiting the wonder which the Cosmos will present Us with next. Let's keep it real, and make the present last. We can surely forever progress.

Peace & Love;
We live as We dream --together.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Losing Madness

Day by day, We sit lost in our little boxes and bubbles, feeding our bodies, training our minds and generally sticking to what we know. We think of our hearts as merely another part of our bodies, albeit vital. We recognize the importance of blood circulation, even if only physically. But if this journey has taught me anything, it's that Our heart is the most important function of existence. Our bodies and minds feel pleasure and pain, yet Our heart transcends dualities. Regardless of how we treat it, it provides the beat that keeps blood in our veins to keep Us going. Like clockwork, without trying or caring, it works for Us. It doesn't matter how far We travel, how much We think we know; no matter who, where, what, when or why We are, It keeps right on ticking, with Us, for Us, from Us and even without Us. Like water, it is Our existence's vital peacekeeper. It maintains and regulates our bodies and minds, without ever knowing it.

This realization, though seemingly mundane, proves the sacrality of everything, deep down inside. All of God's creations function in cycles of pulse, of steady beats, ons and offs, keeping Us going, assured by persistence. Without such cycles, the body and mind could not function, for it is expectation, of nourishment, of actions and of obligation which dictates Our existence. There's no escaping pulse in this reality, and so We attempt to train Our mind to maintain Our body, both derived of the steady, unconditional beat of Our Heart. This is certain.

Uncertainty is everything. Besides the steady cycles of existence, We never know what to expect next. In our bubbles and boxes, we maintain a certain degree of accurate expectations through predictability, but when the bubble bursts is when We become lost. Some of Us are afraid of losing ourselves, and so we do everything to maintain the integrity of our reality; we often stick to them as if there is nothing else. Others, though we enjoy the predictability of our comfort zones, try to escape them whenever possible. Still others attempt to expand their bubbles to make incorporate as much as possible, to be comfortable everywhere. In all of this madness, it seems the only Universal is variety.

In this little trip of mine, I have explored every possibility I can muster. I've enjoyed myself with friends in comfortable places, I've lost myself in the wilderness of uncertainty and I've been content with everything God throws at me. In all of Its variety and wonder, I've seen things I'd never imagine, met people with all kinds of perspectives and experienced all shades of the Universe's steady, flowing madness. Still, I am lost. I have no idea what I'm doing, why I'm doing it or how. I just do. I've constantly escaped my own expectations and gone with the hugs and punches. All in all, the trip has been full of loving strangers, good friends, old and new, and plenty of surprise. There's no way to describe It in all its variety, but here I will attempt a summary. In a whirlwind of delirium and clarity, of experiencing pulse within and without me, this is what I've come to realize.

First, I'd like to apologize for not keeping better, more regular updates. I've tried my best, with friends and family mostly, to keep contact out here on the road, but delirium, time and technology impede utter genuity. It's very different typing on a computer to masses of people than it is talking face to face. But here I will try, and I'd love if you'd ask questions, more personally, so I can clarify things that interest you. It's been one hell of a trip, and I can only barely describe it now so far, so here goes...

Before leaving, I made sure to get everything I need, including nearly 20 pounds of food (nuts, dried fruit, granola, vegetable supplements ~$80), a first aid kit, sunscreen, lip balm (all~$20), socks, shoes, clothes, toiletries including a roll of toilet paper, new iPhone for navigation and contact, old Verizon phone in case of emergency, a 'bivvy' sack, a light novel, and my African farmers' hat adorned with flowers to catch peoples' eyes. All of these material things, though blessings I could not live without, have weighed me down and made the trip that much more difficult. But so is life; despite their value, the weight of material things is a struggle unique to humanity. Whether necessarily eating, or willingly playing, there's no end to the variety and wonder of our material possessions.

On Tuesday, June 1st, I set off from my parents' house in San Antonio, TX, after a whirlwind of preparations and doubt, but with a heart full of love, a body full of nourishment and a mind full of wonder, as only family may fully provide. It was hot, as expected, and my dedication consumed the doubts swimming around in my head. My first step was to make it to Interstate Highway 10, and once I got there, the doubts began to fade. Walking up 10, I saw my memories fade away behind me. The city I grew up in passed me by like my life flashing before my eyes, and I knew what I was seeking. I'm not sure whether it's happened yet, but I know I must be born-again, and again, and again. As I construct boxes to live in comfortably, perpetually along the trip, I realize the best We can do is to enjoy the present. All our doubts and expectations are born of a romantic history and imagined future. The only true contentment comes from enjoying every moment as if it is the only One.

In all of this musing, my feet carried me about 30 miles to the familiar town of Boerne, TX, where I camped near Cascade Caverns (~$10). This was likely the most uneventful evening of the whole trip thusfar. It was my first day out, and I felt a sense of optimism at having conquered my initial doubts to walk as far as I had from home. Still, I felt too close to comfort.

So, I continued walking the next day. I had made plans to meet a friend on Wednesday, June 2nd in Waring, TX at the Waring General Store, owned and operated by the folks at the Don Strange Ranch for a phenomenal weekly event known as Steak Nite. My good friend, Tom, cooked me and nearly 100 others a fabulously robust and uniquely Texan dinner, with beer and good times included. Here, I thought, will surely be a fond farewell to Texas as I know it, but the Universe had other plans.

The next day, being filled with nourishment and joy, I kept on walking, toward Fredricksburg on Thursday, June 3rd, just only a week ago, though it feels like it's been ages. The Texas hill country was really just beginning to kick my ass, but I made it to a little place called Alamo Springs. At the Alamo Springs General Store and Cafe, I was treated to the most friendly hospitality and graciousness I'd ever experienced. The staff there, in addition to making great burgers, will always have a good conversation with you and make you feel right at home. It seemed I had not yet left my comfort zone, and likely wouldn't for days still.

They recommended I check out the Fredricksburg Brewery on my way through, and considering I wouldn't make it to my destination out of the way at Enchanted Rock, I figured it'd be a nice experience. Boy, were they right! I enjoyed yet another Texas evening with the fine folks of Fredricksburg, where public drinking is legal, and you'll never find yourself at a loss for words. After meeting some locals, I got comfortable and prepared for what I expected to be the toughest days ahead.

Friday, June 4th, only days from leaving home, I set off from Fredricksburg toward Mason, TX, through some of the toughest heat yet. Only about 5 miles from town, at a small picnic area with "Don't Mess with Texas" signs, but no trash cans to boot, I encountered some cute kittens that seemed to have been dumped there. They were all 3 female, and so were likely not wanted for financial reasons. I felt bad for the poor things, being in the heat surrounded by snakes and coyotes and what have you, so I fed them nuts and water for a few hours while I tried to figure out if anyone could save them. I'm not sure if they're still there, but I sure hope someone picked tjhem up. Regardless, it was a lesson in restraint, that despite overwhelming compassion, there's nothing we can do sometimes. So, with a heavy heart, unprepared to carry 3 kittens 35 miles to my next destination, I left them behind, as good as dead. Still, God had plans for me that I could never have expected.

Only minutes after leaving the kittens, a man in an old Ford pulled over on highway 87 and asked if I needed any help. Worn through by the heat and bleak road ahead, I accepted, and boy was it a great choice! As the fellow Jeff drove me up a hill and we exchanged small talk, after hearing about the trip, he suggested that I was walking the wrong way to Colorado! Knowing some folks were going to be headed to Colorado by the end of the week, he recommended I check out the Kerrville Folk Festival, just around the corner from where I started in San Antonio. Hesitant to go backwards, but interested in the experience, I decided to accept the offer and hung out with Jeff the rest of the afternoon before we headed down to Kerrville. Once there, I knew I had been blessed in the decision!

A community of variety at its finest, they greet each and every person with a huge hug and a very appropriate "Welcome Home". No doubt, anyone could feel right at home at this 18 day(!!) music and culture festival in Quiet Valley in the heart of the Texas hill country. So, despite my physically coming full circle, I felt a sense of progress that can only be realized among a family of loving people all trying to find a place. Instead of the lonely road through the devastating edge of the Texas panhandle, becoming more and more deserted, then I spent the weekend in an oasis of splendor and community to which I will surely try to return. Like countless folks before me, the atmosphere of this festival 'marathon' lent to my outright
'Kerrversion,' that I would highly recommend to anybody! Still, my heart dedicated to the trip, by Sunday, I was ready to move on.

Lucky enough, I found a ride to Austin as I left, where I managed a ride through Dallas to Springfield, CO(gas~$80), both to catch up/get ahead, and skip over the deathly panhandle. Knowing I wouldn't want to jeopardize all that We have achieved thusfar, my heart told me I couldn't make it the five or more days through the desolation of the stretch I skipped, and my body and mind surely couldn't have managed to even accomodate the water necessary to such an endeavour in mid-June. Yet again, it was a great choice!

Springfield, CO, a cute town with an appropriately Simpsons' name, was more than accomodating as I refueled (battery and water), and met some locals. One such fellow, an recovering ex-con by the name of Thomas, provided me with the first monetary contribution on the road for the cause. Giving me 3 dollars and a place to relax before finding a place to sleep, we had quite a revealing discussion about the world and our place within it. Seeming opposites in our experiences and perspectives, we got along like peanut butter and jelly. Though we only agreed on fundamentals, we parted ways with the realization that, despite our differences, we're both dedicated to seeking the truth. He tried to give me a porno mag, and gave me a small bottle of anointing oil from his grandparents to fight the stench of the road. Still, smelly and worn out, I walked to just outside of town near a railway to pass out. Along the way, God played a beautiful joke on me, conjuring a storm all around me, but never reaching me, to accompany the gorgeous sunset on the plains. I have some astounding pictures, and I now know what Jimi Hendrix meant by Purple Rain.

The past couple of days have been the most difficult yet. Out in the middle of nowhere Colorado, though very glad to be here, I was bombarded by incredibly dynamic weather, less than hospitable farmlands and dusty, windy dirt trails. Following the railway much of the way, I passed through Deora, where I found a place to curl up Tuesday night, and by the grace of God, yesterday, managed to be picked up just before delirium set in about 20 miles still from Las Animas. Herman, a Dish cable guy, brought me into town, gave me renewed hope and a Pepsi, and went off to do his duty, installing cable for the fine folks of southeastern Colorado. Without him, I'd likely still be in route here.

To say the least, though it's been an epic trip, I still have no idea what I'm seeking. Like most blessings, it's likely right in front of my face. The things we take for granted are innumerable and everywhere, but how should we know unless it hits us? Maybe all I needed was an escape from my comfort zone, to see what the world would provide in new experiences and surprises. All I know is I still have a long road ahead, but plenty of time for it. I plan on rambling on the plains to see if I can't realize what I've been searching for. It dawns on me that maybe I'm trying to hard; maybe what I seek is as simple as finding a place in the world to joyfully, in love, fulfill my duty.

Regardless, I know we must perpetually count our blessings and thank the Universe for every opportunity. I know I will from here on out. Whether it be the incredible support y'all have shown this dream, or the strangers I make friends with along the way, there's no end to them. They are everywhere, unconditionally presenting themselves for our heart to manifest. No matter what We may try to realize, the fact that We can make a difference in this world together is astoundingly real.

So far we've raised over $600, less than $200 of which has been used towards this trip so far, so our collective donation to Amnesty International, supporting global human rights is sitting right around $400, with only a little over a week to go until I'm done. This incredible donation would not be possible without my good friends with Dreamtime Productions ATX (Austin, TX), Sonic Bloom Music Festival (the ultimate destination and loving sponsor) and support from each and every one of y'all! We've been phenomenally receptive to the dream, and We're turning it into phenomenal action! We've surpassed even my wildest expectations, and we'll be accepting contributions through July 14th in order to make this as big as possible! I will submit our collective donation to Amnesty International on July 15th, after collecting through Sonic Bloom and beyond. So keep spreading the dream to get as many people in on this as possible. I'd love to meet each and every one of y'all, so don't be shy! I apologize for any opportunity or contact I've missed, but it's been a hell of a ride. Hopefully as this thing gets done, I'll have more opportunity to respond to questions or concerns as you present them. Again, thanks so much for reading and keeping up with me! I wish the best for Us all. We love Us!

Peace & Love; We live as We dream--together.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Distraction is what keeps us happy. If not for losing ourselves in silly and entertaining things, We'd surely realize the darkness which surrounds us. Only recently, as secular individualism has taken over, have such distractions become distinct from responsibility. We think of freedom and liberation as ultimate absolutes to be 'achieved' somehow apart from obligation. Yet liberation is not something material to acquire. It is mere realization and astounding revelation. It is a fist in the face and light wind on the skin, and all the myriad feelings in between, but also none of them. There's no telling where inspiration might come from next but We can rest assured It will always surprise even our wildest expectations. Phenomena are the stage beyond which Truth plays, and it is through our perceptions that sacrality is constructed. Because we are often inherently limited by our perspective, then, We designate all varieties of sacred things, operating in the dualism of the Cosmos through their opposition to the profane. But every religion leaves room for adaptation in order to survive. Blatant contradictions promote still more variety, and often lend to division and separation. It is a self-perpetuating cycle, between difference and division, which propagates reality. Though even the most basic, fundamental dichotomies, light/dark, masculine/feminine are useful learning tools and ways of understanding, We must always remember that they are only just that, constructions of the mind. It is certainly one thing to understand the world through their lens as we are designed to do, but it is surely another impermissible hatred to divide people morally. When We realize that our perspectives are just that, We view everything as sacred, exploring limitless realms of possibility as the Universe intends. Without a love of variety, cycles continue to wash over and through us to fill the void. Distractions are perpetual lessons in love born of these cycles; they remind Us how simultaneously silly, fragile and absurd this adventure of life is. We can take anything and everything from them. We are the experimenters, the dreamers of the dream, into and from eternal cycles of endless impossibility. There is no liberation without distraction, and no distraction without responsibility because ultimately We are All One, despite the play. If God is a man, He's surely a relentless jokester.

“For what it’s worth -it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it -I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of -If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Infinitely Progressing Cycles

"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where We started. And know the place for the first time." --T.S. Elliot, Little Gidding

As I find myself winding physically in perpetual cycles as usual yet maintaining my dedication's infinite expansion, and sit blogging at the top of a hill overlooking Quiet Valley at the Kerrville Folk Festival, I wonder if we might better describe evolution in terms of infinitely progressive cycles. Change and adaptation are inevitable because it's the very nature of this dance we call the Cosmos. Karmic cycles, yin and yang, good and evil are all constructions of the mind bound to physical laws. This reality is our reason, while ultimate reality is unreasonability, impossibility and unconditionally loving creativity. This is what proceeded God, if it may even properly be described. This is what will remain after It, and everywhere in between. It oozes through the seams of reason, readily available to All if We can rise up to meet it. And there's no realization without each other. And so the cycle continues because God keeps on dancing. And We keep on dreaming. It's as natural as It is versatile, everytime We put Our heart in It.

Peace & Love; We live as We dream--together.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forceful Graces and Tender Mercies

It's astounding how often we take for granted the little blessings right in front of our faces. We're all prone to forgetting how amazingly awesome even our own existence truly is. We get lost in our day to day obligations that we neglect realizing their inherent connection to our liberation. We constantly think we need more time or help or to lower our expectations because we never seem to be able to do enough. But every effort, every selfless act fulfills it's own duty. Everytime we forget ourselves and do something, anything, in spite of our Self, we're tapping into the same divine creative forces that make flowers both powerful and fragile, animals both perfectly natural and bizarre. It is our uniqueness and variety that makes us powerful, and our selfless inspiration of such in others that perpetuates our power. So we're only as powerful as we can distinctly harness the power of others to promote innovation and evolution. There is only limited power in our own unique abilities, but together we flourish! Just as flowers risk their own well being passively in defense, so we too adapt most readily when we leave our egos behind, sacrificing everything we may hold dear here and now for an imagined brighter future, within and without us.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Beginning

Well I'm on the road finally currently in boerne, tx at cascade caverns. The only unexpected trouble I've had thus far is not being able to figure out how to embed photos here for y'all. It seems my external brain can't do everything! Regardless these first ~30 miles have been quite pleasant! I saw Texas highway wildflowers,a small horse and a giant cow, fields, backcountry roads and interstate highway ten. I gave countless people peace signs and received a number of waves, strange looks, incomprehensible yells and one seemingly friendly honk. One fella' asked if I was headed to California, another offered me a beer, and others seemed frightened of me. All in all though my vision has been received well so far deep in the heart of Texas! I was even given a Fredricksburg peach. Water has been very generously granted to me everywhere I've asked, and I'm hoping things will continue this way.

It's still been tough though as expected. It's hot, my feet are killing me and I'll need to stop to get moleskin for my blisters in the morning. My pack is too heavily weighted down by material things and food, my back hurts and there's always no end to things I'd like to complain about. But We need to perpetually focus on the on the good to remind ourselves to constantly expect the best. Only in hard times can We learn to improve and that's why I'm out here. This couldn't be possible without y'all. Thanks for joining me in this adventure!

Peace & Love; We live as We dream --together.