Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ऊँ Heart of Perfected Wisdom ऊँ

I am You-Yourself me- ऊँ mineOurs
You are Us-We too You- ऊँ YouOurs
I-Gone-Gone Altogether Beyond-Atman
We-Us ऊँ Ours- ऊँ ever All Together-Brahman
Our Heart Esoteric - We Feel Truth All ऊँ One
Our Heaven Here Now - Beneath Infinity ऊँ One
Struggle ऊँ Love


Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond, O what an awakening, all-hail!

गते गते पारगते पारसंगते बोधि स्वाहा

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reality Mirrors Truth in Its Infinite Shades of Grey

Emptiness full of possibility like a blank canvass
for infinity to spread dreams across galaxies of being
Humans of conscious compassion transcending duality
to rainbows of grey within endless creation
Full illuminating beauty death
destruction and cyclic renewal
a clock without hands
never busy forever empty.

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!