Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Man With No Shadow

With a silence of Heart
Too many idle to start
There's the chilledest conscience
A devout, rationed science

Lost of the essence
A scent no sooner nostalgic
Than forgotten as lore Art.
This phenomenon deep lysergic

Basic, rooted in consciousness
Yet so easily overlooked,
Cooked in rumination like
Imagination, this faltering genuineness.

Genuity essentially the aim,
How dare we tempt but tame,
This firey passion within,
Might ingenuity arise less thin.

Such subtleties of reason
A jest reality thus actualized
Designed for every season
Lest final became realized.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Progressive Weave

Tantra Is

a Transcendental inquiry
the science of essential Fusion
Duality into enmity
The absolute mirror to confusion

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Thread Lightly

OmniDimensional fractalVerse
PsychIdelica-work in progress
Professing a vaguely serious series of  Transcendant experience

(Conduit mandala
One cunning linguist
Ranting Lunatic
Dick Sagan bodhi son Gaia
A Real fragment of Function)

Harm less make Shit
Lap sing judgement
Be Cause Subtle few
May testify the Timeless

The end continuessly 
To Remind Us
Lost wanderers
Kinfolk Brahman
O leach cassidy

Paradox garbed enigma
In lakech jest
Play ever victim Less
A recipe to wreck
Winners and sinners

Loops infinitely
Expanding across consciousness
Becoming gentle
Scarlet faced derision
Lest procrastination inDecision

Idioms scribbled 
Visions and return

Gone gone beyond
Altogether listless 
Wish this
Better swift
Atman righteous 

Cry to grin & bare it...
Beyond all Reasonable Doubt
Lest feign Love
All hail such an Awakening
CoArise from occasional

Slumber takes
I am another You
Least among Humble
Sharpening wit

Deep listen 
Void read time
Teaching patience forgiveness 
Share the Bliss
Bi felicity

Expand refuge 
Why blame
A muse
Discriminate luck from fortune

Desire lusts necessity 
Mother manifest
Embodied witness
Some Mantra best Left unsaid
Untying resilient

Try & Test That
Thou art
Not yet Dead relic
American digital naissence
Relativity lease

Grateful dicease 
Sri Yantra incarnate
Ninja please shed indoctrinal 
Incessant absurdia 
Obsessive paranoid

Delusional hindsight 42
Petunias waited
Stands T'reason
Controlling absorbed
Reflecting steapings

Another habitual
Voodoo hanky panky 
Mystics neglected
Divinely objective

How hap the help less
Isolation sangha 
Conciliatory trust
Unconditioned deceit 
Born & bread right here at Home

Electrolytic mass hysteria
Idiocratic populist corporatism
At best, worse malevolent
Intent once upon then again tosst
Flowing source fully Here Now

Me be cuz ego dependence
And political tact Gemini 
Ranged wround
Before any else
Spunning weaves do knot

Busted seams 
Nether salvaged
Memory crystalline
Empathetic restriction key
Mistaken transmutationally

Fake smiles duh laughing spectres re
Semordnilap snapping kicking licking missing Loyal Too thot cunty unrespited Luxury fancied flutterbys 
Tat tvam Asi ho namaskar

Pardons ignorant indignant 
Lude crass fat and Happy.
Forgiven to madness connected dew tangled Isness
Eye aim a Literal Knot

All praise Jah Pastafarius
Infamined Sunyata

Turtley perplexive pensive
Miss guy ded penship 
Scratch that to work 
Meant trilly wretched

Notorious locus commotion 
So Elloquate fantasies Will ultimately break, fast, surely, Fearless.

Chastisions ever loomed
Pious little Idol bhakti 
Treats Respect as a Vow, a Being barely so Good as His Word.  

Sauced eyeballs squint to Overstand Totality, incessantly relentlessly 
Existing somewhere between You 
Ethereal This yonder yodel to seek

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cosmic Steep

Today is Here
Tomorrow disappears
Yesterday's Fantasy
Everyday's Mystery

 Devoid of sorrow
Forgotten fear
Seeking release
Lost in speech

Livin'd 'morrow
Shed no tears
A matter of ease
Live & Teach

Speak your Truth
Never a dis-ease
Forever lost years
Feel never weak

Find & seek
Recall the meek
Fruit & scar
diggin' too Deep

Tar your humanity
Lest fruitless vanity
The biggest tease
our useless lease

Misery, calamity

Please ever cease

One & All Together keep

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!