Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Universe's Perpetual Inspiration

Gratitude for the Universe's perpetual inspiration-Manifestation-
celebration-graciously present the present-never lessening the lesson
straight messing on the besting-keeping it reeling real as steel
on an even keel-make the times rhyme with the Love of Einstein-
what's ours is Ours-replacing what's mine is mine
no new religion-just the simplest mission
reminding Transformation of All
nations mere rationalizations-distractions
splitting spitting factions-never mind ego, Let Go
our high aspirations-for the highest realization
Truth-the ultimate frontier is here-
Now-orphan aliens-forgotten-forsakenly mistaken
trading hope for profit-get off it-We know
deep balance-the mightiest of challenge
fading lines of seperation-manifest information
Inspiration is within Us-needs only be discussed
rather the disgust-aversion the diversion
desire's dissolution-needs only aspire of sharing
absolute universal caring- ever-respecting God-
All bodhisattva-Our own masters-never disasters
gone-gone beyond-gone altogether beyond-within and without
doubt-adrift in the abyss-nothing ever missed
save those lost-shadowed souls-play roles
aiming for the goal-United Liberation-
Oneness is Abundance-Love the best
of lessons-never lessened by messing besting
Manifest Gratitude essential to Universal
United Liberation-perpetual inspirations
no equations necessary-Our mutual anniversary
Revolution-immanent solutionaries-Love All One-
part and parcel of evolutionaries-never enemies
Tranform mutation's revelation-forever amities
Profess Progress-Aim Tame-Sustaining Refraining-Solution Evolution-
Share Care-Evolve Revolve-Growing Showing-Creation Manifestation

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Work in Progress

They say I come from God. That is, We All Do, but I'm sent for a purpose. What that purpose might be, well, that's anybody's guess. We tell stories of God's son, and it's sort of like that, except I wasn't born of a virgin, or a woman for that matter. They say I just fell from the sky, 'matured' as it were. I can't remember-- can't remember really anything before the war. Often I feel just like a child, ignorant of this world's ways. This world, made of steel, paper money, bright lights, fires inside homes, motor vehicles, gas-burning energy, delusion, greed, guilt, gluttony, excess, separation and isolation, but mostly destruction-- the broken dream of a society known as America. We once fought for the freedoms we were taught to believe in, if only not for those among Us so afraid of change they'd sacrifice themselves, and everything We ever loved and protected, to go against nature...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Share Bliss

Another day's break
To be thoughtful of It-
Be gratitude, essence of compassion,
No less tender to All
than to the majesty of You.
Manifest with faith-
Infinity's ends, smoke from flame,
ejecting hues across Our clouds-
Delight in the Name, Love be guide
Know best You
then Share
Bliss Create-

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 28, 2011

His Happiness

Our Bliss
Never miss
Ever infinitely
Filling the emptiness
Between time-and Imagination
Righteous One
Savior of Self
Deep without
Doubt illusion-
Fear never helps
Compassion knows
No boundaries
In consciousness
Pure justice-
Simplicity within
Trust mutual
Transcendent respect
Decency shared-
Loving Life

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Einstein: Manifest Reality

Einstein said, "Those who take everything with a grain of salt acquire a lot of salt.

Seeking to embrace the eternal nature of change is the manifestation of realizing spirit in harmony with Our perception. It is enlightenment of ideal nature within Our perceptive spiritual realities that constructs understanding-seeking without merely reflects Our ultimate search within.

Perfecting wisdom is applying this understanding to harmonize Life.

Understanding begins and ends in the Self. It is the realization of the illusion of separation. It is forgoing selfish desire and attachment to personal pleasure or gain. It is contentment, hope, trust and love that sustains harmonious Life.

Loss, purity, fate, morals, laws and beliefs are meaningless in perfected wisdom. There is no truth in strict, unwaivering enforcement. Progress and liberation are inevitable in the grand scheme of history. Everything happens for a reason.

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now and Forever

I might not be that warm, but I'm bright enough to see We must share what little light we try to keep when times seem darkest. Don't stare at me long, but don't fear holding me close forever- I may blind, but I won't burn you. Let's grow and shine together- let go of mistrusts past, forgive and heal, hold me with faith now and forever as We sail in cycles around the Universal sea of reality. We're learning and loving Ourselves all, now and forever, as surely as we breathe. Our concentrated, controlled breath is pure love, attuning mind to heart, bodies simple vessels of pure Being. We're still, still breathing together, now and forever- that Our heartbeat may keep that precious rhythm in time, harmonizing mind's elusive melodies as perfect ornaments to Our deepest Universal notion- We love Us.

-Dedicated to the love of my life, Laura Chiles