Tuesday, December 29, 2015

11b-x-1371: an Ode

Most have lost. Many have struggled. Some have died.
Today, others are martyrs of the cause-
Loving people everywhere.
They are manipulated, the 
message distorted-
for no man may become the Truth,
which is God.

We try and fail, scorn and kill our brothers who teach peace,
and so the cycle continues.
The illusion of separation, the chaotic dance of the cosmos, our play,
has no necessity besides what we create of the Mind.
Elusively powerful; reality mind-manifested, perpetually.

Compassion prevails because humanity is a bond.
Earth has born us from one seed, in multiplicity.
Rainbow children from the depths of darkness turned light-
Reflect what serves you; our only destiny...

Baby Einstein signing off. Thanks for reading!